Anonymous asked:

Karasuno boys and girls + Oikawa's biggest sexual fantasy?

hq-imagines answered:

Sawamura: Sex with his partner after an erotic, oil massage.

Sugawara: He’d love to have sex with his partner - and for them to be wearing nothing but his jersey.

Asahi: A very intimate night with his partner, in a candlelit room with rose petals on the bed - and a night where he would take the lead so that he could show his partner just how much he loved them.

Tanaka: Letting his partner dominate him - to completely be at their mercy. 

Nishinoya: For him and his partner to watch each other masturbate.

Hinata: Sex in the shower/bath in his partner’s house.

Kageyama: His partner would perform a striptease for him, but he’s not allowed to touch them - only himself.

Yamaguchi: To have sex in an empty classroom, or the locker rooms.

Tsukishima: He would like to try some light bondage - he loves the idea of having his partner at his whim.

Kiyoko: Completely dominating her partner in bed. (As long as they were okay with it.)

Yachi: To have her partner lick whipped cream/honey off of her body.

Oikawa: Sex in front of mirrors, so that he could see all of his partner - he’d enjoy seeing them so flustered from embarrassment.

(most of these are ridiculous i’m so sorry)


[ Request ] Directions ft. Kidoh


Request: Kidoh getting jealous over a handsome stranger asking you for directions.

This was actually a lot of fun to write ouo. I hope this was what you wanted, anon, thanks for requesting!

Two minutes. He had left you alone for two minutes.

He’d also told you not to wear that skirt and those boots today but you didn’t listen.

He watched as you talked to whoever you were talking to, pointing in different directions as if you were actually giving the stranger directions (he assumed you were) and he watched as the stranger paid a little too much attention to you rather than to your words, occasionally glancing down when you turned away to make sure you were pointing in the right direction.

He was blatantly checking you out, you had absolutely no idea and Hyosang didn’t like that. At all.

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